We are Cassidi, the most profitable HR software in the world

Have you ever mixed technology, experience and emotion?
Atrae y Fideliza al mejor talento implementando una cultura centrada en las personas.
We have! We are the most evolved human resources software.
Our ESD methodology, “Experience, Simplify, Digitalize” has been designed to achieve maximum engagement and minimum costs.
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Accelerate the Onboarding process. Move at the speed of talent.

We offer you our triple benefit system: Improve, Maximize, Minimize.

Improve the Employee Experience

We improve the employee's life at work and beyond. And you know... "a happy employee in a happy world co-creates an extraordinary company".

Maximize engagement

Maximize engagement almost effortlessly. Digitizing the experience ensures a successful initiation process. Employees who feel they belong, employees who love what they do.

Minimize costs

Minimal surprises. Minimum turnover, minimum changes, minimum complications.
Reinventing onboarding impacts cost reduction and provides a breadth of possibilities.


The journey begins here.
We have listened to the talent, the organizations and the world.
Our services are designed to Experiment, Simplify and Digitize.


Welcome, connect, share.
Our onboarding service is the answer to many questions. We have done what we have always wanted for us. We love people and simplifying processes. Do you dare?


The welcome of those who were not applauded. We love our Reboarding service. Imagine the opportunity to experience it all over again. We all have the right to an onboarding and if you didn't have it we have designed it for you.


The exit.
The most forgotten service that we have transformed into a dance of emotions. You will collect insights, you will know the result of a completed journey bringing value to one of the moments of truth. Breathe, we'll take care of it.
onboarding cassidi

At Cassidi we reinvent the welcome by digitizing emotions.

82 %

A pre-designed onboarding process reduces turnover by 82 % and increases productivity by 70 %.

88 %

of employees indicate they have had bad onboarding experiences.

92 %

of employees say they would move to a company with an excellent reputation (Employer Branding).

50 %

of annual salary: cost of replacing an employee.

Engage talent, say goodbye to turnover

Pre-designed communications

We have created templates for all communications with employees and stakeholders during the different onboarding, reboarding and offboarding plans. You can use the template, edit it or create your own plan from scratch.

Tareas automatizadas
Automated tasks

Automation, that's our word. Save time and costs. You only have to enter some basic data (name, plan start date...) and our platform takes care of the rest while you take care of the important stuff.

People Experience
People Experience

Our ESD system has been designed to create unique experiences. An onboarding that welcomes you in, a reboarding that reboots and, of course, an offboarding that shows you a universe of possibilities.

Somos comunidad
We are a community

Together we are stronger and better...much better. Our automated plans are based on creating experiences that establish unique relationships, creating community and increasing a sense of belonging.

We walk you through every step

No one is alone here. Thanks to our platform, employees feel our support throughout the entire journey, whether it's onboarding, reboarding or offboarding. We offer you the possibility to use our preloaded templates or to completely customize the process according to your needs.

Co-creamos la cultura
Co-creating Culture

Our plans are designed to empower and transmit the culture of your organization from pre-boarding to offboarding..

Do you want to save thousands of euros a year?

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