We are technology, innovation and transformation

We have done thousands of Onboardings, we know what works.

We have created Cassidi to fulfill a dream.
We want to transform our employee's lives...in fact, this is a necessity in our eyes. We need to generate change in organizations in order to help each employee reach their full potential.
Our project is... Presumptuous? Of course! Ambitious? No doubt about it! Possible? Yes…! You're here, aren't you? We love to fill the world with first times, with development, with listening, with trust.
We believe that another way of doing it is possible, another Onboarding is possible.
That's how we are.

We are Cassidi, activists of the employee experience.

We are the initial greeting, or maybe the one you've never been given.
We are technology, innovation, transformation and everything that ends in ..ON that rocks.
We are simplicity, energy and movement.
We are a breath of fresh air and the flame of excitement.
We are contradiction, we are whatever you need, we are the voice-over in your head that shouts: "do it better!”.
We are people obsessed with people.

We don't care how you've done it so far, we care how you do it from now on.

Do you want to activate the best version of your employees?

Yes, I do!