We design the experience. We reinvent the journey.

The employee’s journey goes through different stages, changes, transformations and adaptions.
At Cassisi we have designed solutions for every welcome. Because we are all different, we all live different situations and we all deserve the best support.
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The first impression, the best experience
The New Beginning, the New Possibility
A Door Closes, Universes Open

Minimize costs. Maximize profits.

Automate, excite...our pre-designed plans generate incredible experiences and enormous benefits for the organization.
People Experience

Improving the Employee Experience and radically increasing employee engagement and performance.

Curva de aprendizaje
Learning Curve

Accelerated reduction of the learning curve minimizing time and increasing employee productivity.

Employeer branding
Employer Branding

Real, honest and transparent Employer Branding, with a direct impact on the ability to attract and retain talent.


Time and cost savings through task automation, pre-designed models and a sharp decrease in turnover.

Actúa en los momentos clave

Our solutions in detail

The first impression, the best experience

Is it possible to automate and excite? Yes, both in the office and remotely.

With Cassidi you have at your disposal automated Onboarding plans to enhance your employees' experience. We know what works. We're experts at creating engagement even before the first day on the job.

We save your organization time and money with preloaded models and automated tasks.

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We love first impressions. Set the stage before the show starts.

We have designed a communication itinerary, a fascinating journey that you don't have to worry about. Automated mails, simplified processes, stress-free personal data collection, everything you imagine and need in one amazing journey. Everything you imagine and need materialized in one incredible journey. Shall we pack our suitcase?

Onboarding remoto
Remote or face-to-face Onboarding

The day has arrived. The excitement, the desire, the nerves. Breathe.

We have everything under control. In Cassidi we take care of everything.

We've designed an unforgettable welcome process. We've transformed protocols and amplified the experience.

Nuevo proyecto
New project

Changes in sight?

We have solutions to cope with change and ease the transition.

Agility and movement are our strong points. Your employees will feel integrated into the new project without even noticing it.

Nuevo rol
New role

More changes.

Here we are. A promotion, a relocation, a change of department. We have everything prepared. We accompany the employee throughout the process so that he/she can adapt to this new circumstance. You will see.

The New Beginning, the New Possibility

Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! And a thousand times Hello!

If you are one of those whose Onboarding is far away in time and now you want to make the most powerful immersion, sit back and enjoy. We have the best solution to do the onboarding for those who did not have onboarding.

In addition, you can also manage important moments that may occur during the employee's life in the company such as the return after a period of maternity, paternity, a leave of absence or the return to the office or remote work.

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Maternidad y paternidad
Maternity and paternity

Our most special re-welcome. We love to welcome our employees back from this life experience. We do it tactfully, with a caring and gentle reintegration so that their transition back to the office feels smooth.

Vuelta de excedencia
Return from leave of absence

For those who for outside reasons have left but are ready to return. We have all the rock and roll ready. We promise to energize you and rekindle your passion for the job. We are specialists in getting you back in the swing of things.

Late boarding

The onboarding of those who did not have onboarding.

We also remember those who were already here, reactivating talent.

Who says it is too late?

Vuelta a la oficina
Back to the office

Come back... We'll make it fun to come back. We promise.

Too much time at home, working alone. We want you living your life to the fullest again, that's why we have designed the most engaging return.

A Door Closes, Universes Open

We have designed the exit to adapt to different situations. Forget about processes and paperwork.

At Cassidi we re-engineered the way out. We have created the most evolved templates that you can apply effortlessly. All you have to do is follow your instincts. Offboarding is an incredible moment, the trip is over or maybe it is just a transition into something even better.

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Does it all end or does something begin? Either way we have the answer.. Just say your farewells and look forward to the next leg of your journey, we will take care of the rest.

Maternidad y paternidad
Maternity and paternity

The sweet farewell. They are leaving for a little while to live the most important adventure of their lives and we have taken it into account. They are in our hearts and minds.

Leave of absence

Many workers have compelling reasons to be absent. We respect and support those going through this journey and are committed to helping them along the way.

Cambio de departamento
Change of department

To those who choose to go a different direction with their career, we send them off with a celebration of their growth and warm words of encouragement. We love to see other's success!

Three simple steps:

onboarding paso 1

Start by choosing the plan you want to use

Whether you want to do onboarding, reboarding or offboarding, first of all, choose one of our journeys on the platform. They are perfect as they are, they are more than validated to achieve your goal. However, you can edit them or create your own automated plan from scratch. It's not necessary but feel free to do so.

Enrolls the employee and assigns him/her a plan

A few simple details about the employee are enough to register them and assign them a plan to have an experience they have never had before in any other company they have worked for.
onboarding paso 2
onboarding paso 3

Now we make our Magic

You don't have to do anything else, just relax and enjoy watching your employees and your company become better. On the date you have assigned, the trip will start automatically.

Do you want to minimize your staff turnover?

Yes, I do!